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Justice Maura Corrigan"100,000 Welcomes: Blessed Solanus Casey's Path to Holiness and Healing"

While he never traveled to a foreign land, Blessed Solanus Casey embodied the missionary spirit by welcoming everyone who came to him. The Jesuit motto, "Ad maiorem Dei gloriam,"embodies his belief that all actions are for the greater glory of God.

A graduate of Marygrove College and University of Detroit Mercy Law School, Maura Corrigan, Former Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court and Director of the Michigan Department of Human Services, will speak with us on May 14th. Maura's advocacy role continues to evolve. Recently, she has worked to help priests in need. She is also assisting with the expansion of the Solanus Casey Center and supporting Blessed Solanus Casey's canonization. As a consequence, her faith has deepened!

In July 2019 we will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen. It opened during the Great Depression. Blessed Solanus Casey was one of the founders. Blessed Solanus Casey was a defender of the poor and downtrodden. We seek his intercession today in our divided and hurting world.

At a time when the Catholic Church is distressed, and our society struggles with faith, Justice Corrigan will share the hope that the Saints of the Americas, Solanus Casey and Oscar Romero, will help us to repair our church and welcome the broken and the lost.

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