Loyola Press’s Wanderlight team
“What I like about this game is that you’re not getting points,” Cicciarelli says. “It’s not competitive. We tried to build in intrinsic rewards versus extrinsic rewards.”
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Connecting with Today’s Students

By Ben LaScola

Award-winning publishing ministry Loyola Press began in 1912 when it produced Loyola University Chicago’s first newspaper The Maroon and Gold. Since then, the publisher has grown into an influential organization whose religious textbooks and other media resources reach millions of students and educators across more than 50 countries. 

This summer, Loyola Press will release their most ambitious project yet: an online video game, Wanderlight: A Pilgrim’s Adventure. In this unique game, inspired by Catholic social teaching, players will assume the identity of “The Pilgrim,” an avatar who travels through three quest-filled realms equipped with their customized tunic and a lantern for guidance. Wanderlight is a colorful adventure that encourages players to pray, travel the open world helping others, and learn about the Catholic faith. 

Loyola Press’s president Joellyn Cicciarelli explains, “As you move through the world, if you make choices that make the world a better place and bring you closer to God, the lantern shines brighter.” 

Porter Moser is All In

As the coach of Loyola University’s men’s basketball team, Porter Moser understands the importance of hard work. His new book, All In: Driven by Passion, Energy, and Purpose, explores the traits that Moser believes lead to success. All In is part memoir, part guide to living a meaningful life. Moser reveals how he built his no-negativity work ethic; how a second chance from legendary college basketball coach Rick Majerus helped him achieve new levels of success; and how he guided the 11th seed Ramblers through their inspiring Cinderella story in 2018. The book also includes a heart-warming foreword from Loyola’s beloved basketball team chaplain Sr. Jean Dolores Schmidt, B.V.M. 

All In was released in February and can be purchased online at

“What I like about this game is that you’re not getting points,” Cicciarelli says. “It’s not competitive. We tried to build in intrinsic rewards versus extrinsic rewards.” 

Loyola Press teamed up with FableVision Studios to create the world of Wanderlight. FableVision’s owners are twin brothers Peter and Paul Reynolds, and their experience makes them an ideal fit for Wanderlight. Peter is the author and illustrator of several children’s books and after graduating from Boston College, Paul worked for Boston Catholic TV, as a volunteer catechist, and as an adjunct professor at Boston College. 

Loyola Press wanted to create something that could connect with today’s children in a way that is familiar to them. Cicciarelli references the Ignatian idea of going “in by their door, in order to come out by ours.” She hopes that schools and parishes might occasionally use Wanderlight in place of less engaging homework. 

Wanderlight: A Pilgrim’s Adventure can be played on desktops, laptops, and tablets. The religious education version is provided through annual licenses for Levels A to G. The licenses for individuals include all seven levels in one game. Wanderlight will be available this July. Visit for an early look at what’s to come.

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