John F. Pennington
Fr. John F. Pennington, SJ
John was a teacher, chaplain, and writer. His long service as night chaplain to patients and medical staff at Loyola University Medical Center was highly valued.
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John F. Pennington

Let us pray in thanksgiving for the life of Fr. John F. Pennington, SJ, who died Friday, March 27, 2015, at Colombiere Center in Clarkston, Mich. He was 78 years old. May he rest in peace.

John was born on March 14, 1937, in Evanston, Ill. He entered the Society of Jesus on August 8, 1959, at Milford Novitiate in Milford, Ohio. He was ordained a priest on June 11, 1970, at St. Joseph Church in Aurora, Ill. and professed final vows on August 6, 1995, at Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Ill.   
John graduated from Loyola Academy in 1954. In 1958 he obtained an honors bachelor of arts degree from Xavier University in Cincinnati. The H.A.B. program, Xavier University's first and oldest honors program, emphasizes the interdisciplinary study of philosophy and the classics. After entering the Society, John obtained a master's degree (1967) and a master of divinity degree (1971) from Loyola University Chicago. He studied music at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind. for one year (197071) and did special studies in aesthetics at Syracuse University in New York (1974–81), obtaining a PhD iin 1985.
Throughout his Jesuit life, John was a teacher, chaplain, and writer. During regency he taught at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati (196366).  After ordination, he taught religion at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis, Ind. (1971–74). John taught the philosophy of man at Xavier University (198184) and did research at Xavier on Beethoven and his philosophy of suffering (198487). 
In 1987, John participated in a year of continuing and professional education (CPE) at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Conn. (198788). He then did CPE residency at the University of Chicago (198889). John was a chaplain at Loyola University Medical Center (198994), where his long service as night chaplain to patients and medical staff was highly valued. From 1995 to 2002, John was the director of Catholic Chaplains at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. He spent two years writing on the ethics of compassion. John returned to chaplaincy in 2004 at Rapid City Regional Hospital in Rapid City, S.D. In 2007, John moved to Colombiere, where he continued writing until his health prevented him from doing so. 
Monday, March 30, 2015  
4-7 p.m. 
Wake Service 7 p.m. 
Colombiere Center 
9075 Big Lake Road 
Clarkston, MI 48346 
Tuesday, March 31, 2015 
10:45 a.m. 
Colombiere Center 
9075 Big Lake Road 
Clarkston, MI  48346  
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March 31, 201511:24 AM
i came to Stroger Hospital in Chicago in 2001 as a member of the Jesuit Lay Volunteer program. I have a Pastoral Masters from Loyola/Chicago. He met me on the steps the first day and was a compassionate and challenging friend from that day. He pushed me into extremely complicated situations and supported me at all times. What a truly Jesuit man. Rest in Peace, my brother. – Mary W. Fauls

April 08, 20152:35 PM
I was a student of Fr. John's at Brebeuf in the early 1970s, and became reacquainted with him a few years later, when he was studying at Syracuse and I was an undergraduate at Cornell. We taught a mini-course at Brebeuf on Beethoven, and our mutual love for that composer was an ongoing source of conversation for us. John was a very gentle and insightful man, and he offered me great encouragement during the trying years of early adulthood. May he rest in peace. – Dean Maines

November 29, 20178:03 AM
Fr. Pennington's mom was my cadacism teacher and taught me music and how to play the organ. When I was 10 years old, Mr. and Mrs. Pennington took me to see their son be ordained. It was and always remained an extraordinary moment in my life. It was an honor and blessing to have known this family. It was amazing to see Gods Grace shine through them – laurie

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