Ordination 2017 Video Presentation

Midwest Jesuits Ordained in 2017 are 
Jacob J. Boddicker, SJMatthew I. Dunch, SJRichard J. Fichtinger, SJLuke J. Hansen, SJBrad A. Held, SJAnthony R. Lusvardi, SJMichael A. Rossmann, SJJoseph E. Simmons, SJChristopher M. Staab, SJBrian J. Taber, SJChristian Wagner, SJStephen N. Wolfe, SJ.

Cyril N. Pinchak, SJ, will be a bi-ritual priest in both the Roman and Byzantine Catholic Churches; his Ordination will be celebrated June 24, 2017 at 10:00am at St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Cathedral in Parma, Ohio.

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Jesuit Retreat House of Cleveland
Nestled in the urban landscape of Parma, Ohio, the Jesuit Retreat House of Cleveland is “a place of peace in the forest.”