Blogging the Gospel
By Fr. Frank Majka, SJ

I think of myself as something of a technology hybrid. I maintain a blog via Wordpress, but I write out the entries using an old-fashioned fountain pen. This approach has stood me in good stead for nine years of writing my blog at Over that time I have been fortunate to put together a mailing list of several hundred recipients, and by being associated with Marquette University High School in Milwaukee, my posts are sent out on a server to reach several thousand parents, alumni, and friends of the school.

Fr. Frank Majka, SJ, at Marquette University High School in Milwaukee. Photo: Jeff Zmania  SP2017 Jesuits Magazine

Fr. Frank Majka, SJ
Photo: Jeff Zmania 
Most of these posts are three or four paragraphs long, and almost all of them originate from something I have overheard, read, or observed. I try to make them straightforward and accessible, suggesting a new twist for something that might otherwise be familiar or leaving the reader with a question to think about. My biggest sources are life itself and the Scriptures, while my guide to writing more effectively is a well-worn copy of The Elements of Style.

Maintaining a blog acts as a good discipline for me. When I hit the “publish” button that sends out a new post, I feel a sense of satisfaction. Ultimately, I consider that keeping a blog is both a hobby and part of my ministry, associating me in my small way with the Jesuit tradition of striving to communicate faith and connect it with everyday living.

Here is an example of a blog post from January:

Role Call 2017
I’ve found that my New Year’s resolutions are often short-lived, especially those about food, drink, and exercise. Is there a more creative alternative to starting the year than the usual adopting of resolutions?

I got a hint that there is from one of the characters in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, who says, “All the world’s a stage/ And all the men and women merely players/... And one man [or woman] in his [or her] time plays many parts.” So why not think about the role I’d like to play in the drama of 2017 rather than the resolutions I might make?

Maybe you’d want to try the same thing. For instance, would you like to be the romantic lead in your personal drama, or would the role of courageous adventurer be more appealing? Maybe you think it might be fun to play the role of someone who brings joy and laughter to others. Or maybe your chosen part will be that of someone who overcomes adversity, acts as a reconciler and peacemaker, or becomes a trusted counselor from whom others seek encouragement and advice.

Then, as the year goes on, instead of focusing on those resolutions which you have or haven’t succeeded in keeping, you could look at the role you’ve chosen to play and see how you are doing with it. Maybe you’ll find that another role fits you better. But no matter what role you select, make it your aim and intention that it give pleasure and satisfaction to God, in whose presence you are playing it out.

Fr. Frank Majka, SJ, works in pastoral ministry at Marquette University High School in Milwaukee and writes at You can subscribe to Fr. Majka’s blog at

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