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Dear Friends,


If you’ve ever been down and out, either spiritually, literally, or both, you may have wished for a helping hand that could relate to what you were going through. 

The Midwest Jesuits, through the support of its generous donors, do just that as they reach out to people where they are at various stages of their lives. Allow us to share a story of one of the many ways our donors are making a difference in people’s lives.

Fr. Frank Majka, SJ, reaches people where they are as a contributor to and through his blog He also serves as a pastoral minister at Marquette University High School in Milwaukee.
Fr. Frank Majka, SJ, reaches people where they are as a contributor to  and through his blog

He also serves as a pastoral minister
at Marquette University High School
in Milwaukee
One morning, a man called to tell us that our Jesuit Prayer mobile app wasn’t working. “The Jesuit Prayer app means the world to me,” the man explained. “When my young son underwent cancer surgery a few months ago, I searched for spiritual comfort and found your app. It has been a constant companion ever since. And I need it to work today because I am taking my son in for more tests and things are looking good.” We fixed the app and said a prayer for this man and his son. In fact, our Jesuit Prayer Team has responded personally to more than 20,000 prayer requests to date.

Without donors, we would not be able to embrace technology to share Ignatian spirituality with so many who hunger for God.

Donors make our ministry possible. Throughout the Midwest, they help us serve the greatest need through our educational, pastoral, social, and international ministries. You make it possible for 13 Jesuits to be ordained this summer, 88 young Jesuits to go through formation, and for more than 100 senior Jesuits to receive the healthcare they need.

Please consider a gift which will amplify many times over through our ministries and collaboration with lay leaders, like you!

Saint Ignatius built the Society of Jesus on gratitude — for God, for life, for community. Today, we invite you to join our Circle of Companions. Together we are reaching people where they are to share the Good News. To learn more about Ignatian spirituality, download the Jesuit Prayer app at  

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Fr. Thomas A. Lawler, SJ    
Provincial, Wisconsin Province

Fr. Brian G. Paulson, SJ    
Provincial, Chicago-Detroit Province

Yes!  I/we want to help support the work of the Jesuits.

Through the generosity of donors like you, we can continue to care for our senior Jesuits, provide education and training for Jesuits in formation, and compassionately respond to those in greatest need at home and internationally.

 Fr. Brian Lehane, SJ
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