(from left) Jesuit Frs. Frank Chamberlain, Robert Dolan, Juan Carlos Morante Buchhammer, and Kevin Flaherty. Frs. Chamberlain, Dolan, and Flaherty, originally from the Midwest, spent many years serving the people of Peru.
Father Juan Carlos' visit and the Midwest Jesuits' upcoming Summer 2016 Pilgrimage to Peru demonstrate the ongoing strength of the bond between the Peruvian and Midwest Jesuits.
Partners in Peru: A Conversation with Fr. Juan Carlos Morante Buchhammer, SJ

Father Juan Carlos Morante Buchhammer, SJ, provincial of the Peru Province of the Society of Jesus, visited Jesuit partners in the Chicago-Detroit and Wisconsin Provinces in October. During his time in the United States, Fr. Juan Carlos joined John Sealey, the provincial asisstant for social and international ministries for the Midwest Jesuits, for a wide-ranging discussion on the Jesuits' ministries in his country; the significance of having a Latin American, Jesuit pope; and the strong relationship between the Peruvian and Midwest Jesuits. Listen to the conversation below.

The Peruvian and Midwest Jesuits have a long history of collaboration, with Peruvian Jesuits often completing some of their studies and training in the United States (Fr. Juan Carlos did theology studies in California) and several Jesuits from the Midwest living out their ministries in service to the people of Peru. Father Juan Carlos' visit and the Midwest Jesuits' upcoming Summer 2016 Pilgrimage to Peru demonstrate the ongoing strength of the bond between the Peruvian and Midwest Jesuits.


Father Juan Carlos was born and raised in Piura, a coastal city in the north of Peru. He was educated by the Salesians and received a bachelor's in industrial engineering at the National University of San Marcos, the oldest institution of higher education in Peru.

Listen to a 30-minute interview
with Father Juan Carlos
John Sealey Father Juan Carlos Morante Buchhammer, SJ
John Sealey Fr. Buchhammer, SJ
Father Juan Carlos entered the Society of Jesus in 1981, and he was ordained to the priesthood on July 31, 1992, before professing final vows in 2000. Since joining the Society, he obtained further degrees, including a bachelor's of theology at the Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid, a licentiate in theology from the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in Berkeley, Calif., and a doctorate in philosophy at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

As a Jesuit, Fr. Juan Carlos has served as a senior philosophy lecturer and rector at Antonio Ruiz de Montoya University in Lima. He also served as superior of the Jesuit community in El Agostino, a district in Lima that is home to a large Jesuit parish with extensive social outreach. He is known for his efforts to network the Jesuit schools at all levels, as well as his work coordinating the Jesuits' social apostolate with their educational apostolate. He has served as provincial of Peru since September 2014.

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